ISO 14001 Certification in progress.
"STARTER's responsibility is essential in the relations that we maintain with all the operators, whether they are customers, suppliers, and of course, our employees.
STARTER is committed to a responsible approach to the environment, which is based on its Quality Management System.
Every year, we implement a program to continuously improve our situation with regard to the risks and opportunities related to our activities.
This approach, taken into account in the strategic orientations, contributes both to maintaining trusting relations and transparency between the company and its partners and to improving its performance in the handling sector in France and in Europe.
Concerned about the sustainability of these relationships and environmental issues and more specifically the impact of our activities on the environment, we are committed to:
  •   Integrate an Environmental Management System;
  •   Prevent and continually reduce the environmental footprint of our activities by:
                 - Reducing our environmental impact through the innovative design of our products.
                 - Improving the management of our waste that we generate and avoiding waste.
  •   Ensure compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements;
  •   Raise awareness and train staff in environmental issues related to our activities;
  •   Promote awareness of environmental issues among stakeholders.
We will make available the means necessary for the conduct of this policy and will ensure its periodic review."