DRAKAR BT range| Rear-cabin twin-winches

DRAKAR BT : Our range of ultra-efficient rear-cabin twin-winches

The rear-cabin twin-winch is an innovative equipment that revolutionizes winching techniques. It's mainly used for lifting and pulling operations on heavy vehicles, such as 8x8 military trucks and civil engineering vehicles. 

This is a system consisting of two twin hydraulic winches, designed to be installed at the rear of the vehicle cabin. It offers quick and easy access in difficult-to-access environments, and an effective solution for demanding situations.

Each winch can be used independently, providing optimal flexibility in various scenarios. This unique functionality allows the operator to efficienly manage winching operations, improving the safety and the good execution of the application. 

The compact design of the rear-cabin twin-winch helps to minimize bulk, preserving the aerodynamics of the vehicle while ensuring maximum visibility for the driver.


Starter offers a range of carefully designed hydraulic twin-winches that can be implemented on all types of vehicles. 

To fit with the most demanding needs, la the DRAKAR BT range can offer a line pull up to 70 000 kg.

Admire amazing implementations on heavy defense vehicles : 
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