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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Motorization : Electric 400 V Line pull : 500 to 2000 daN Speed : 0 to 50 m/min BACKGROUND For police and military forces, Starter designed and implemented airships deployment systems remotely monitored.

ALIAS: Line pulling winch

LINE PULLING WINCH   Download the raneg technical sheet : ALIAS STARTER offers a large range of winches, capstans and traction double drum winches dedicated to pulling for underground and overhead lines.  They are specially designed for laying and removing operations of PVC pipes, electrical...


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Motorization : Hydraulic Line pull : 4 Tons BACKGROUND For 22 amphibious vehicles, Starter designed and equiped mobile bridges to allow their anchorage after their deployment.

ARGOS BMF: Barge Winch

MOORING WINCH   Download the range technical sheet:  ARGOS BFM Specific range of winches for maritime and fluvial throttling applications. Hydraulic drive.


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Application : Penant wire winches Effort : 6 500 kN 1er layer Speed : 14 m/mm Rope : 201 m/ Ø 50 mm CONTEXTE Starter teams designed and produced a system that combines the action of four winches for this vessel performing pipelay and subsea construction of oil...


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Applications : Hoisting / Lifting Force : 9 000 daN in first layer Speed : 14 m / mm 1st layer               21,9 m / mm 11th layer Wire rope capacity : 600 m - Ø 18 mm - 11 layers BACKGROUND Starter teams developed a winching solution together with an A-frame...

ARIANE: Umbilical winch

UMBILICAL WINCH    Download the range technical winch : ARIANE STARTER offers various umbilical winches fitted with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motors. For oceanographic, search and rescue, defense and industrial applications, we design according to your specifications and meet your...

ARKANE 500HY : Hydraulic lifting crane - 500kg

HYDRAULIC CRANE FOR VEHICLES Presentation : Download the technical sheet Jib crane for vehicles, the PH500 is the essential partner for your utility vehicle. Installed on a van, platform or tipper, the STARTER PH 500 jib crane optimizes the handling of heavy loads and improves user autonomy...

ARM: Multipurpose manual winch

MULTIPURPOSE MANUAL LIFTING UP TO 5t   Download the range technical sheet: ARM Compact multipurpose manual lifting winch - <5t For harbour, frames, cranes, marine, mining, industry, construction sites, construction.

ARMOR: High capacity multipurpose winch - up to 150t

MULTIPURPOSE PULLING AND LIFTING UP TO 150T   Download the range technical sheet: ARMOR Multipurpose pulling and lifting winch with high capacity - <150t Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motorization. For harbour, marine, industry, mining, construction applications. Many options...

AROV: Worm gearbox winch - 2.8t

MULTIPURPOSE IRREVERSIBLE PULLING AND LIFTING UP TO 2.8t    Download the rangetechnical sheet: AROV Multipurpose irreversible lifting and pulling winch - < 2.8t Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motorization. For harbour, marine, industry, mining, construction applications. Many options...

ATHOS: The theater and opera scenic winch

SCENIC WINCH    Download the range technical sheet: ATHOS STARTER offers various stage electric winches. We adapt their performance in load, speed and lifting height according to the requirements of your concert hall and the performances.  They are all equipped with the technology required...