APOLLO - The range of winches equipped with the SPOOER FRONT technology

There are a multitude of winches that can be mounted at the front of a vehicle, in rear cabin or inside a van.

The use of a winch, which is a relatively simple machine in its general principle, nevertheless implies great skill when it comes to rewinding the rope after hooking the load to be hauled or the fixed point of recovery.

Indeed, as soon as the cable is offset by +/- 5% in relation to the perpendicular of the winch, the winding is no longer done correctly and therefore requires numerous attempts to avoid any overlapping of the loops.

An heterogeneous winding of the rope on the drum generally causes three phenomena :

First of all, stacking the layers too quickly, which has the effect of very quickly limiting the effort of the winch (because the closer the rope is to the drum, the greater is the leverage effect).

On the other hand, these stacks of layers can lead to the breakage of the winch junction bars.

Finally, and very problematically, a badly wound rope will generally tend to lead to self-deterioration.

In fact, a badly wound rope which is re-tensioned during traction has a tendency to “dive”, i.e. to seek to make the most direct path possible towards the winch drum by applying the law of the most strong with

regard to the turns that could hinder its progress.

However, the loop-on-loop contact in a non-parallel way generates pinching and crushing rendering the rope out of use, because it’s dangerous (risk of unexpected breakage). The criteria for removing ropes are formal.


Regularly observing the phenomena described above on customer winches, STARTER engineers have developed and patented a revolutionary system called Spooler Front.

Thus, thanks to a massive and inert part fixed under the winch, the winding of the synthetic rope is done completely homogeneously from left to right of the drum, including when pulling at angle of up to +/- 30° relative to the perpendicular of the winch. On the other hand, the rope exits at a fixed point.

Handling the winch is therefore completely simplified, the operator being able to concentrate on his mission without worrying about the correct winding of the rope.


Following the unique innovation in the world that is the Spooler, STARTER offers a complete range of winches equipped with the Spooler Front technology.

From 2 to 30 tonnes, electric or hydraulic, you will find an Apollo adapted to your needs.

In addition to providing ease of use, security and productivity for your teams, the Apollo range is also a significant source of savings, as rope change costs are added up over several months.

Discover our last videos with the APOLLO on the spot !


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