ARKANE - the range of jib-cranes for utility vehicles and trucks

There are a multitude of jib cranes and lifting arms that can be installed in a utility van or a 3.5t tray vehicle. The ARKANE range of jib cranes, produced in France by STARTER, is intended for professional use (lifting capacity from 125kg to 500kg). The ARKANE jib-cranes are available with 12V/24V electric motorization or with manual chain hoist. Use, maintenance and certifications are therefore simplified.

A jib-crane for vans and trays 

Jib-cranes of the ARKANE range are resolutely compact. The height of the barrel is 1.70 m, which allows it to be installed in a van as well as in a trolley or on a tray. The length of the arm is 1.10 m. The latter manually rotates 360° and has indexes every 45°. The jib-crane is installed via a base. On the arm, a sliding trolley on ball bearings is fixed which receives the 12V/24V electric winch. For the winch rope, the jib-cranes are delivered with a 10m synthetic rope (optionally, it is possible to order a 4m length and also choose a steel rope). A wired remote control with a 3.5m cable comes with the kit. The whole thing weighs around 67 kg. 

Les utilisations de la potence 

This manual electric jib-crane has several advantages. First of all, it can be installed in almost all types of utility vehicles. You only need a ceiling of more than 1.70 m to attach it. Connecting the winch to the 12 V circuit is easy, as is installing the base of the jib-crane. As there is no hydraulic cylinder system, maintenance is simplified and inexpensive. A jib-crane installed in a utility vehicle will allow handling and make it easier for employees to lift heavy tools such as lifting pumps, rammers, vibrating plates, generators, etc., or the loading/unloading of materials.

Interface kits 

To guarantee the correct installation of ARKANE jib-cranes in vans (H1/H2/H3), particularly in terms of load resistance, STARTER has developed interface kits for all vans currently on the market (Renault Master, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, Iveco Daily…). The kits consist of a plate to be installed at the top of the barrel, a plate positioned on the floor, a flange and a set of bolts.

Watch ARKANE jib-crane in action :



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